Q&A: NIEHS scientists explain findings of breast cancer study

A recent study conducted by scientists at the National Institute of Environmental Science found that women who work with organic solvents had a greater risk for developing breast cancer. Researchers used data on women taking part in the Sister Study, which has followed more than 50,000 women whose sisters had breast cancer. Lead authors, Christine […]

UCSF develops game-changing method to translate research on toxic chemicals and prevent disease

By David Tuller, Dr.PH. Everyone wants to know more than we currently do about the long-term effects of everyday exposures to toxic chemicals. Even obstetricians, who could be expected to have a handle on the science, report not knowing how to advise their pregnant patients, according to a recent survey led by colleagues at the […]

The North Face climber gains new perspective on climb

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When Marlyss Bird signed up to represent The North Face at Climb Against the Odds, she didn’t really know what she was getting herself into. She’s not a breast cancer survivor and nobody in her immediate family has had the disease. Summiting a mountain was on her bucket list and she wanted to do it […]

Guest blog: Breast cancer survivor, Leslie Vanoni, on climbing Mt. Shasta

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The sun still shining, the inside of our tent warm and bright, we are told to at least rest even if we can’t fall asleep. Bridget whispers to me “I am nervous”. I whisper back, “Me too”. Earlier she told me she wished people would stop treating us like we were the experts because we have […]

It feels good to be cheered down a mountain by a throng of friends, supporters and family members

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Our Climb Against the Odds 2014 team made it back to civilization today in high spirits. Twenty of the 25 climbers made it to the top of the 14,179-foot Mount Shasta. The remaining five climbers made it to at least 11,500 feet, which is also an amazing feat. As they arrived at Bunny Flat they were […]

First climbers reach the summit

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We have confirmation that at least three people have reached the summit and others are close behind. Leslie Kelly, her daughter Bridget Vanoni and the North Face-sponsored climber, Marlyss Bird, have all reached the summit! Leslie Kelly was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time on her twin daughters’ fourth birthdays. Her girls watched […]

Second group of climbers reach Mt. Shasta summit

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Robert Abramowitz, Ruth Walter, Katie Bernell and Cristin Bailey have made it 14,179 feet to the top of Mt. Shasta! Ruth Walter lived only one mile away from Ground Zero on 9/11 and was breast feeding her daughter. After that catastrophe, she wondered about the environmental toxins that were released and what effect they might have on her. […]

2014 Team members reach personal summits

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It’s incredibly rare for a whole Climb Against the Odds team to make it this far, and we are so proud of our whole team. Twenty of the 25 climbers have reached the pinnacle of Mt. Shasta: Arthur Morgan Lindsey Dal Parto Linda Morton Kim Bogucki Marie Ramas Tessa Montgomery Annie Kirk Katie Heineman Lucas […]

Climbers slide back in to base camp

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Many of the climbers glissaded, or slid, back to base camp as you can see below. Leslie Kelly, Bridget Vanoni, Marlyss Bird, Lucas Parsons, Arthur Morgan, Lindsey Dal Parto, Tessa Montgomery, Cathy Ann Taylor, Frederique Mary, Barbara Winter and Maryann Maineri are all relaxing at base camp. We expect the final last group to arrive […]

Top 10 non-toxic New Year’s resolutions for 2014

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It’s the new year and the season for resolutions. As you resolve to adopt a new exercise routine or plan to get more organized, consider a commitment to creating a healthier environment in your home. Here are our top 10 non-toxic tips for 2014: 1. Implement a shoes-off policy at home. Shoes track in more […]