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June 18, 2008


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YEAH! What a climb, what a week. I am so proud of all of you amazing women! And I can't wait to hear the details - way to go!


Dawn Obrecht

Way to go everyone! Rosanne, I can hardly wait to hear about it from you! Congratulations!

sue christensen

Congrats to all and thanks to Jeanne for the wonderful blog ... it allowed the rest of us to be there (sort of!)

Sue - previous "Helen Laker"

Janet Nudelman

this is sooooo exciting! The largest number of climbers to summit EVER in BCF's history. You are truly a special and blessed group of angels! I'm sending a special shout out and buckets of LOVE to Nancy Buermeyer, Genevieve Roja, Sarah Carter and Nancy Wilhelm - you are my HEROES! You go girls! You really kicked some ice out there! We are so proud of you!! Now go get your bad ice selves a massage, a hot tub and a cold beer (not necessarily in that order). Lots of love, Janet

Michelle Morris

WHOOPIE!!Congrats to Jac and Bec and team. way to go. From the folks in Speials at SMRMC-Reno

Susan Moreno

Ann, the comment from Jennifer Berlin is from me!

Susan Moreno

Ann, I had no doubts!! Hope the alpine butterflies welcomed you at the summit! Remember our Mt. Eddy hike--a mole hill now! Congratulations!

Jennifer Berlin

Congratulations Climbers! I was there with you in spirit yesterday as you made your way up. Hugs to my old team members - Linda M, Linda C, Nancy D and Pam T and the rest of the BCF gang. Glad it went so incredibly well. Love, Jenny (05 Rainier)

Marc Staudenbaur

Way to go everyone.
Mollie A you continue to amaze me. Wish I could be there. See you soon!!!

Beth Krusi

Way to go Craig, Soja, and Nancy!! What a team!!


constance Chappelear

Craig! I am sorry I couldn't be there in
person to welcome you down. I have been following the blog and feel like I am with you in spirit! Wow! What amazing journey!
Your mother would have been so proud of you!
Love to you!
Aunt Constance

Stacy Malkan

Congratulations to all the hikers! You are true sheroes and heroes, and an inspiration to us all. I love the blog! Have a fantastic celebration tonight.

Stacy Malkan

Nicola Campbell

Congrats to you all!!! Each of you has completed a great feat...carry that pride on with you.
Mia...sorry I couldn't be there to greet you, but you are in my heart and thoughts! This has changed EVEN me...

Jenny Schroeder

Huge congrats, Ann and all your fellow climbers! What a great accomplishment; we knew you could do it! Our whole family is proud of you; Zach and the twins are shouting "Good job!" Kitties are all fine...

Linda Pepin

ANNIE! I am so proud of you that my heart bursts and the tears flow. You are a wonder woman!

Rachel Swain

Oh, climbers, I am thinking of you with such awe and gratitude; thank you for everything you've done for Breast Cancer Fund. I know you must feel proud and amazed and exhilarated -- and probably really, really tired. Relax and enjoy the buzz and know there are people across the country(and the world!) thinking of you. You did it!

Rachel Swain
BCF Board of Directors

Susan Ruddick

Congratulations everyone, especially to CathyAnn, Nancy B. (I knew you could do it!), Linda M. and Laura L! Way to go!

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