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June 26, 2009


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Nancy Howell

Dear Jen,
Your story and photos are terrific. Thanks for sharing.
You, in particular, were on my mind from the very beginning of the climb... and by golly you made it to the top!
WAY TO GO! That is so commendable.

I honor you and admire your strength and determination! As your brother said, "You ARE awesome!"
Enjoy the rest of the summer,
Nancy Howell
PS - I ordered a few photos you took along your journey to the top. I'll surprise Gary with them when they arrive by mail in a few days. He'll love them. Thanks again for sharing.

Jennifer's Mom

Jennifer, You, your east coast team and all the climbers deserve a great congratulations for your accomplishments, both on the mountain and in your support for such a good cause. As your Mom, I, of course, watched every update and awaited with anticipation the news of reaching the summit. John and I couldn't be prouder of you for everything you have accomplished and endured throughout the last year. As your brother said "you're awesome". Our thanks too for all your support staff and guides. Love you, Mom and John

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