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June 24, 2009


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Ellen Gedris-Kishbaugh

Diane BALL- WAY TO GO !! so proud of you and know your parents are too !!!! Tried to post the other day but @#$#@$ web site wouldn't let me - but I have followed your journey!!


Jenny Cady

Great Job to ALL climbers! What a WONDERFUL accomplishment :-)

Megan we are so proud of you! Can't wait to hear all about it next week! :-)
Get some good rest, all your hard work has paid off! WAY TO GO GIRL!


Patricia Cole

Deb and all the team, congratulations on your impressive accomplishment. It must have been so incredibly beautiful on the summit!! We are so lucky to have you as our fearless role models!!! Can't wait to hear the stories.

Love, Pat & Bill

Rev. Sundari Jensen

Congratulations to you all. Shanti, you and all of the climbers have been in our prayers and meditations. We are proud of you all for the climb, but even more so for the important cause and funds raised to support. (Sundari - and your CSE friends and family)

Dave Williams

Congratulations to all! Especially Gary Howell! Way to go Gary! And way to go Nancy for being there for it all! We're proud of you both! David!

Terry and Laura

Way to go Leeann!!

Congratulations to all, of course! And, a special congratulations to the East Coast Climbers. I was so very happy to learn that all of you summitted, and especially honored to have played a tiny part in your preparations by "hosting" you in New Hampshire when you did your "big" hike to the top of Mt. Washington. My best to each of you, and may we all continue to conquer the mountains we encounter.
Chris Keeley, Alum of 2005 Mt. Rainier Climb.

Susan Reed

Congratulations to all of you ! The mountain is just part of the challenge and joy as I am sure you discovered!

You are all awesome warriors!


To all the climbers and their supporters YOU ROCK!!!!

To Gil...there was never any doubt! WAY TO GO! What a wonderful reward for all your hard work and dedication to the cause so we can all benefit!

Congratulations to you all and thank you all so much.

Pali Cooper

Fantastic news! As the guides would say, the summit is optional, but coming back safely is mandatory. We are always so happy to hear the news and can't wait to hear the stories.
Thank you Shasta Mountain Guides!

Ericka Nelson

I am so proud of you all..and very happy happy to hear you are all back at basecamp safe and sound. Congratulations!!!

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