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June 24, 2009


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Ericka Nelson

Being able to follow the climbers today has been soooooo exciting. I am updating all the nurses here at OPIC as Diane reaches the summit....and now glissading down? OMG!
xoxoxo, Ericka

Bill Rising

I was so happy to hear that the Northwest team had reached the summit. I will be awaiting new of the rest of the climbers to reach the summit. I have a daughter who is with the Northwest team and needless to say, I'm extremely proudy of her. Go Kim go!!!!
Love Dad


Do you guys have a twitter feed?

Sarah Roy

Thank you for keeping family and friends of the climbers updated. My family and I are keeping all of the climbers in our prayers today. I have a niece, Amy McAbee, that is climbing today and to say that I'm proud of her is an understatement. GO AMY!!!

Stephanie and friends at PBJS

It is very exciting to be able to track the progress of this courageous group of climbers! Anxiously awaiting tales of the journey and the view from the summit!!

Pali Cooper

Thanks for the updates, makes us feel like we are there with you all.
We are holding all the climbers in our hearts and thoughts, happy to hear that the conditions are good and waiting for any news from the gorgeous mountain.

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