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December 04, 2009


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Allison Harris

Dear Janet,
Thank you so muh for the work that you do. I have been a clinical skin care therapist for 10 years and I am very devoted to empowering my clients about good health and overall wellness. The issue of synthetic chemicals being linked to breast cancer and other hormonal issues is one that I do not take lightly. I have chosen to represent an amazing line of food-grade organic skin care,body, and personal care products that are completely safe and free of all synthetics.
I am starting to lecture with various breast cancer organizations and wellness centers in order to spread the message of health and beauty through the use of only safe products and organic ingredients. My question to you is, what can I confidently tell people the reseatch is regarding breast cancer and these unregulated chemicals. It seems that there is always a new report, often with conflicting outomes. I want to be able to empower people with accurate information and give them alternative solutions to what they are using. Are there sites that you recommend or sources that I follow in order to keep myself well informed? Warmly, Allison Harris

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