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May 06, 2010


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sc trump

Question: Can you tell me what percentage of your funds go toward research, percentage toward reform of chemical use and percentage toward education.


This would be proven scientifically if a good scientist wasn't blacklisted (see and peer presented theory,VTT,the Viroid Thermodynamic Theory on the Origin of Life, which states disease control the rate of evolution. And Cancer and AIDS are diseases which should not exist unless serious conditions of species fitness are out of control and the unfit species must be controlled or eliminated. Man is a species and unfit species go extinct.Noam Chomsky, Kyoto winner , said the theory may be of phenomenal importance to mankind. However, bad politicians and business people do not want to pay for the necessary clean up and it is easier to cover up fraud and use plausible denial than face the problem. society must face up to corrupt businessmen or the results will be far worst than the Wallstreet Meltdown. The experiments to prove this exist, but if you blacklist then you can keep saying its only a hypothesis; just like smoking doesn't cause cancer, or Madoff is a genius.

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