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October 20, 2010


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breast cancer treatment

Inherited breast cancer disorders account for a small minority of breast cancers overall. Genes are the "messages" in each cell of the body that determine the ultimate design of our bodies. Genes can be damaged by the environment. Additionally, people can be born with defects in the genes that remove the body's defenses against cancers. Only in about 10% of all breast cancer cases is there actually a genetic defect that can be tested. This means that 90% of breast cancers are due to other causes. In fact, most cases of breast cancer occur in women who do not have a family history of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Fund

You are absolutely right; we need more research on the efficacy and possible health effects related to use of bioidentical hormones, especially given their growing popularity over the past few years. There are very few studies, and those that exist have somewhat contradictory findings regarding impact on breast cancer. On the other hand, differently aged women, different compounds of hormones, different duration of using hormone supplements...all make comparisons difficult.

We are concerned that even taking bioidentical hormones extends the lifetime exposure of women to estrogens and progesterone, given the extensive data linking duration of hormonal exposure with risk of breast cancer. We also recognize that that there are differences in biological potency of various component estrogens, and that pharmacies and/or companies differ in their recipes for compounding the bioidentical hormone components.

In short, we support inclusion of bioidentical hormones in ongoing studies of efficacy and health outcomes (positive and negative), especially for post-menopausal women using these compounds to address the symptoms of menopause.

Jeneva Hackney

We need a study where the women participating have been taking bioidentical hormones. I am sure the results would differ.

Mandy Barre

This article is talks about large doses of phony hormones that aren't identical to women's hormones. It's up to each woman to make her choice. These articles whip up too much hysteria without telling all the facts.

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