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July 27, 2011


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CNA Training

Well, I think we always have to take time cooking for our selves and get the fresh ingredients.

Breast Cancer Fund

Thank you for this comment, DaveR. We encourage the use of stainless steel and glass as the best alternatives to BPA-based plastics and resins.

We consider PET (which is used also in the inner lining of Tetra Paks) to be a better option among plastics, particularly when compared to polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene (both made up of building blocks that are carcinogens) and bisphenol A.

PET itself is not an endocrine-disrupting plastic, but other compounds are often added to PET to give it certain properties. Some of these “additives” can be endocrine disrupting compounds, and some of those mimic estrogen. However, PET can be made in a way that is not estrogenic. We find it disconcerting that consumers have no way of knowing whether plastics they purchase have hormone disrupting additives. There are dozens and dozens of approved additives, which is one of the reasons we need to reform the laws that regulate the kinds of chemicals that can be used for food packaging.


BCF rightly voices concern about BPA, yet totes PET and Tetra Pak containers. These also contaminate food (even plain mineral water) with hormone-disrupting substances according to this study: .

So what is the take-away? Are cans with BPA the worse of two evils? Thanks for input! -D.

Sarah @ Semi-Sweet

Great idea, but we need to remember that there might be BPA in the lining of the pizza delivery box or in the cash register receipt you might take when you pick up the 'za! It never ends.

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