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July 06, 2011


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Connie Meadows

I've been can-free for about 5 years now. I started by making a commitment to eliminate as much processed food from my diet as possible. I make green smoothies and fruit smoothies, drink raw milk, eat organic produce and pasture-raised meat and eggs bought from a local farmer. I buy vegetables from farmer's markets in season and from health-food grocery stores out of season. It is more expensive, but I've only missed 2 days of work from illness and at almost 60-years old, I take no prescriptions. This year I have become an "urban farmer" with vegetable beds and chickens for fresh eggs. I'm glad for this opportunity to let supermarkets and agri-business know about the changes we are making in how we eat.

Andrea Reid

I've been switching over to non-can foods in the past year and it has been easier than I thought it would be. I buy garbanzo and black beans in bulk and cook them in my slow cooker (crock pot). You can find recipes by Googling them. I buy tomatos and sauce in glass or in the aseptic containers (like juice boxes).

Mona Verducci

Fresh is best, but you can now purchase a lot of items in cartons, instead of cans. (Like soup and some tomato products.) Also, the tomato sauce products in glass jars from Italy are excellent.


Congrats Barbara for being can-free for 2 years, that is a huge accomplishment. Thanks for sharing your tips with the rest of us!


Thanks so much Jessica for blogging and tweeting about your journey to kick the can, good luck this month!

Barbara Haplea

I have been can free for more than two years, since I received a diagnosis of breast cancer. It is easy for me as I always loved fresh vegetables and fruit. The only really time consuming thing I had to change was to prepare beans from the dried form, find only organic vegetables/fruits, and purchase grass fed meats over the internet.

Jessica Jones

I am really up for this. Great idea. I've blogged about it on Chemo Chic:
and will tweet regularly throughout July

I really hope this makes the supermarkets sit up and take notice - they're the ones with real power over manufacturers.

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