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October 07, 2011


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Elizabeth Fishel

Your climb, your determination, and your writing about them are inspiring.
Keep on keeping on!
Elizabeth Fishel



I'm just discovering or prehaps re-discoverying the Breast Cancer Fund on the web this evening.

I'v got tears in my eyes (and I rarely cry) after reading your blog.

The climb up a 14K mountain is intense! Good for you! I loved your story, thanks so much for sharing it:)!

I've newly diagnosed with breast cancer just this past month. I'm stage II invasive ductual carcemona.

I'm still in shock trying to understand this disease and why I have it. Why do I have to go through such radical life altering medical procedures to fight this disease? The unstated assumptions are that if I don't undergo these treatments I'll die.

I'm a former backpacker, but due to a leg and recently a foot injury I mostly just do short nature walks in my neighborhood.

There's a Zen story about a Buddhist monk who climbed a range of mountains and was asked how he did it. He said that he did it one step at a time.

I love this Zen story as it's both real and inspirational - not unlike your overcoming breast cancer and your climb up Mt. Shasta.

I think that's all I can do is take things one step at a time, and yet we can climb mountains or whole mountain ranges if we do this.

Taking the metaphor/story one step further -major climbs are best done with others and the professional research and education that Breast Cancer Fund is promoting is very powerful. It could be life changing for individuals, families and our communities if we spread the word, change our habits and protest against the harmful chemicals that are so prevasive.

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