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February 03, 2012


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Breast Cancer Fund

Thanks for reading our blog post, M. Barvick.The Breast Cancer Fund is focused on our mission to identify and eliminate the environmental causes of breast cancer. You can learn more about what we do at Planned Parenthood supports our mission and is a partner on several environmental and breast health educational and advocacy initiatives.

M. Barvick

It's wonderful to see the inspiring group-think in the blog and comments here. PP CEO claimed that when Congress was threatening to de-fund PP that millions of women would lose access to mammograms. Turns out PP doesn't offer mammograms at any of their facilities. When reasonable proposals are made to make PP and other abortion providers have safety standards equivalent to out patient service providers they fight it tooth and nail which doesn't seem to jibe with real advocacy for women's health. As the child of a father who died of lung cancer and a mother who is a survivor of breast cancer it would be nice if more cancer prevention organizations would stay focused on the mission to end cancer rather than go to bat for organizations that have a suspect history of cancer advocacy and documented violations of honesty and basic health standards.


Like the blog, appreciate the share!

Stacy Malkan

Thanks to Jeanne Rizzo and all the good folks at the Breast Cancer Fund for your dedication to stopping cancer before it starts. I too was upset about Susan G. Komen for the Cure's decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood, but even more so by the group's reluctance to even discuss strategies for preventing breast cancer. This is not surprising when one looks at the list of Komen's 196 corporate sponsors, some of whom are notorious for polluting the environment with carcinogens. Here is some good information about Komen's corporate problem, for anyone who is interested.

Thanks to Breast Cancer Fund for setting the example for what a cancer charity should be.


thanks for actually working towards PREVENTION and staying true and ehtical to the cause!

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