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May 10, 2012


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adele ulrich

I did research on toxic products & practices for years before my diagnosis. I formed an organization called Cause for Concern and educated people about problems and solutions in commonly used products -- from cosmetics to cleaners to pet & lawn care. I also developed a house tour called Home Safe Home for the New Jersey Environmental Federation to help consumers look more deeply at risks and to offer safe alternatives. Sen. Lautenberg has been fighting for a clean environment and to protect our health for years. I have since developed a multimedia movement piece to address the connection between breast cancer & the environment, "We're still Soaking in It" (voice overview),
click through to you tube video of a performance of We're Still Soaking In it.
Consider the fact that over one ton of toxic material is created per person in the US in the manufacturing of consumer goods. This does not include pesticides, or use and disposal of products. There is a reason that people working in beauty salons and those who clean for a living have high cancer rates. Please develop a critical eye for label-reading. Some products appear green, but don't reveal contents, or actually do list dangerous ingredients, while audaciously calling the product "natural". An investment in truly green and organic products will lessen exposure to carcinogens and toxins. Thank you Breast Cancer Fund!

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