Focus on preventing cancer (San Francisco Chronicle, 5/15/2013)

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Thousands of women each year face decisions like Angelina Jolie’s bold choice to undergo a preventative double mastectomy. But in her San Francisco chronicle op-ed Breast Cancer Fund President and CEO Jeanne Rizzo asks: what if fewer women had to? Most women who develop breast cancer do not have a family history of, or genetic […]

We’re making history today

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“Evidence suggests that breast cancer can be prevented.” While these words might not seem revolutionary to those of us who have been working to prevent the disease for years, they will make big news today because of who is saying them: a federal committee of leading breast cancer experts, co-chaired by Breast Cancer Fund President […]

How to reduce BPA levels by 60 percent in 3 days

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We know BPA is all around us, and the CDC tells us the chemical is in almost 95 percent of us. And we know that laboratory studies have linked BPA to breast cancer, along with a whole host of other serious health problems. But what is the leading source of the BPA that contaminates our […]

Quit the pesticide man (Huffington Post, 1/5/2011)

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The “Dirt Diva” herself, Annie Spiegelman, has a great recommendation for your new year: ditch the pesticides. That includes household weed killers, chemical fertilizers, rat poison, ant traps, cockroach killer…all that stuff designed to kill other living things is likely not so good for you. She wrote a piece on the Huffington Post this week […]

House stalls on phthalate ban

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The European Union did it in 2005. Twelve countries around the world have their own laws supporting it. The Governor of California signed it into law last year. The Senate already passed a version of the Consumer Product Safety Commission Reform Act that includes a ban on the six most common phthalates in kids’ toys […]